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When she finds her love, she’ll need to speak in code or read the verses she has penned. For the Witches Code has muted her we’re told. Cannot reveal her tale to men.



The Witch of the Hills, a novel by J.M. Fraser, is available here on Amazon. This novel can also be purchased as an eBook from iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Ancient prophecy compels a young Salem witch to travel forward through the time-bending dimension we all visit when we sleep. Rebecca Church must recruit a modern-day boy to save this interactive fantasy world from imminent disaster, but her task won’t be easy. She may use no more than poetry, illusions, and dreams to convince the chosen one of his destiny, and she can visit him only nine brief times.

When Brian Danahey meets Rebecca at the side of a desolate road, he recognizes her from a recurring nightmare about a girl in great danger. Brian falls in love with her, she disappears, and he comes to believe she’s the legendary Witch of the Hills, a colonial maiden exiled to haunt the western prairies for centuries. The quest to free Rebecca takes him from the sand hills of contemporary Nebraska to the seventeenth-century witch haven she once called home.

But Rebecca doesn’t need saving, and certainly not three-hundred-plus years ago. The magical dimension that nourishes our souls is on the brink of apocalypse. Today.

Categories: contemporary, romance, fantasy, time travel, mystery, suspense, and young adult.

“An often jaunty and thoroughly entertaining story of young love.”—Kirkus Reviews

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Rebecca’s incredible appearance out of nowhere offered the possibility of rescue, the source of a phone, a way to avoid walking at least a dozen miles in the dusk and then darkness to the nearest town. The most important thing though, as he basked in the compliment, wading through the pools of her pale-green, probing eyes, was remembering how to talk.


The dream. How amazing to somehow imagine someone who turned out to be real.

“I never thought of myself as part of a Brian collection,” he said . . . 

“Oh, but you are.” She touched his forearm, and the spark buzzed his tongue, this time in a good way. “Perhaps I’ll cast a shrinking spell on you. I can keep you on my bookshelf and find others.”

A girl who strung her words together like out of a Dickens novel, and with a sense of humor. Always a plus when dreams came alive. He reached deep in the well to come up with another good line. “Lucky for me only witches can do that.”

Rebecca looked past him toward the bluff. “If I am a witch, you must hope I’m a good one. I might disappoint you.” Her eyes grew distant.

“I doubt that.”

“Time will tell.”

A cloud drifted across the sun, and a gust of wind set a tumbleweed into motion. It skittered past them and bounded over the road with long legs curled into a ball, like a giant dead spider. Brian would have pulled a hoody over his head if he had one.